What color is your story?


What color should a story be?

When you look outside on a breezy spring day, what do you see?

Green grass poking its spears out from the winter-dead brown thatch.  There is a promise in that green.  Future growth is the promise of spring.

In each of our lives we have many chances to renew ourselves. New Year’s resolutions; birthdays; big life events like college, a cross-country move, marriage, baby, divorce, new job, lost job; are significant turns on your path that you can use as an opportunity for positive growth. Who are you? What do you want to be? Where do you want to go? What is your color of success?

Your own greening.  A fresh spring.

When you gaze out your window in the spring….see the green….what does it mean to you?




All Photos on Sage Prairie are the property of SagePrairieStudio and Sage Prairie©2017

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