Your story. My story. Our story.

As a certified lifestyle coach, all the stories I have heard (and told) over the years taught me more about coaching than my extensive training in psychotherapy.  Journaling, wring fiction and research papers, and standing up in front of a group are some of the ways a mere mortal like me has of telling stories.  And people like you.

This Blog is going to start out as a story telling process. I want to showcase stories of life, learning and work.   Learn along with me as we delve into the stories.

Let’s examine what story means to you, to me, to us.

Your story.  My story.  Our story.

Story telling an ancient art that is seeing an upsurge in importance and popularity. Why is story so important in this post-modern age?

Here is an example of a little story from last spring:

Last week was spent getting prepared for a day long workshop that my business partner and I give four times a year at a local Community College. We wrote scripts, practiced scenarios, and designed what we thought were interesting and useful handouts. It was a huge preparation and took all our energy.

We teach a group of 100 student athletes about life planning and career preparation. This training lasts one marathon day and is divided into three groups. It’s exhausting, exhilarating, and exciting. 

This time we did fun improvs all day and if you have ever seen improvisational comedy, you’ll know that it’s 10 times harder when the participants are not particularly creative. Most of the students did their best, however, and many even enjoyed the process.  Each improv had a great practical value lesson that could be used onward in their lives and careers

We did a good job and the college administrators liked it and so did some of the students.  Would we do it all over again?  You bet we would!


Your comments—Let’s be constructive and positive:

What was excellent about this story and what would improve it?  What do audiences crave in a story?


Next blog post:  Telling a personal story

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